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Assalamualaikum! Hi I'm Mrs Myra..Yayyy ! I'm MARRIED ! Welcome to my love story :)

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My Little Princess Turn 1 Year Old.. ^_^ Counting Days.. 20 days LEFT !! ^_^
30 Jan 2015
for u sayang :)

: : if only you knew how I feel inside when I think about you, see you, hear your voice..
You light up my soul ♥ : :

: : i will let you go.you can go on with your life as if i had never arrived..
but please don't ask me to stop loving you.because that's just too much to ask : :

: : Never say goodbye when you still want to try. 
Never give up when you can still take it. 
Never say you don`t love them when you can't let go : :

: : I'll wait for you as long as I can .. 
But, when the time comes and I fall for someone else ..
maybe it's about time to wake up and have the happiness I deserve : :

: : There's nothing that I want, just you .. just you beside me, forever : :

: : When I look at you, and smile all that is going through my head is how much I love you,
how much you mean to me and the fact that I love you babe : :

: : I smile as I awake at night and thinking of you and then I say a silent prayer for us to be together forever ♥ : :

: : The distance may separate us, BUT the distance doesn't change how much I love you & care for you.
I love you so much & NO ONE & NOTHING can change that ♥ : :

: : When i look into your eyes and tell you I LOVE YOU
its not something that just comes out of my mouth 
but something that is felt by my heart ♥ : :

: : Ii wish i could tell you how i feel in such a way that you'll never doubt it.. 
that you'll never question it.. that you'll never forget it : :

: : count all the stars in the sky,every drop of water in the ocean,
every person on earth,
 and that is only a small fraction of how much happiness u bring me :) : :

: : When I'm down, you cheer me up. When I'm hurt, you dull the pain. 
When I cry, you wipe away the tears. When I need a friend, you are always there ..
I love you sayang ♥ : :

: : We started as 2 different people, living 2 different lives, 
but the second i saw u i knew it wouldn't be long before we became one person, living 1 happy life : :

: : I love you now,I love you than, I love you forever, This will never end : :

: : I loved you then, I love you now, I love you forever, don't ask why or how ..
God brought us together after being apart, careful baby you have my heart ♥ : :

: : We may be HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of miles apart, 
but no matter how far you go, you'll never lose your spot in my heart ..
I LOVE YOU !!! : : 

: : I miss your warm hugs, your sweet smile, I miss the feeling i used to get when you held my hand..
I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I miss you :( : :

: : I miss the talks we used to have, I miss the voice I used to hear..
I miss hearing your crazy but cool stories, and above all these.. I just miss you! : :

* sory babe kalo kowang agak mual ngn kata2 at atas niey ..
but, niey yg Myra rase .. 
rase rindu shangat2 at tunang t'sayang ..
da lame shangat2 x jumpe die ..
Myra sentiase doakn yg tbaek utk yg t'sayang ..
Love You Always Sayang ~
rindu yg teramat shangat :)

Misz u sayang :)

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