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Assalamualaikum! Hi I'm Mrs Myra..Yayyy ! I'm MARRIED ! Welcome to my love story :)

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My Little Princess Turn 1 Year Old.. ^_^ Counting Days.. 20 days LEFT !! ^_^
30 Jan 2015
i ♥ you ..

: : every time i see the keyboard i notice that 'u' and 'i' are next to each other..
 i wish it could be like this in reality !! because i MISS YOU ♥ : :

: : I Love you once, I Love you twice..
I Love you more than beans an rice.. I Love you now and Always will..
and when were old an gray, I hope you'll Love me still ♥ : :

: : I love the way you make me smile, I love the way you make laugh..
I love the way you make me have butterflies in my stomach every time you kiss my face..
I love u babeh ! : :

: : Love, begins with a day, grows with a week..
strengthens in a month, lives to a year, and lasts a lifetime.. : :

: : i love you for who you are. i love you just the way you are ;) : :

: : I love you, no matter what, and you try to break me to not like you.. 
but no matter how many times you hurt me, there's no way my heart will stop loving you.. : :

: : when u pull me close i wana stay ther.. when ur arms around me i feel so safe n secure..
when my head was on ur chest...Ur heart was all i heard.. i never wanna leave ♥ : :

--> seriusly, mood skang niey ..
memang sedang rindukan tunang t'sayang ..
shangat2 RINDU at die ..
x sabar nak jumpe esok .. hehehe :)

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